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RAYHAYES Rechargeable Wireless Microphone Original Dual Handheld For Videoke Speaker Karaok
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  • Dagang
  • 26 x 9 x 6 cm
  • 0.4 kg


• Note: The microphone does not support the direct use of the mobile TV. It must be transmitted through the power amplifier. If the TV has a dedicated microphone interface, it can be used directly.

caution: 1. For best sound, turn down the volume of the external audio device to the minimum before plugging in the mini receiver, then slowly increase the volume.

2. Please do not point the microphone towards the speaker device!

3. In order to make the wireless microphone work better, please charge it for 3 hours before the first use.

4. The ideal distance between the mouth and the microphone should be within 5 cm. Too quiet.

5. Not compatible with mobile phones, computers and TVs, you need to connect speakers

6. Ideal for sound transmission or recording for beginners and professionals.

how to use?

Step 1: Insert the battery into the microphone.

Step 2: Plug the Mini Portable Receiver into the 6.35mm Mic Hole of the Amplifier/Active Audio

Step 3: Turn on the microphone and receiver and start enjoying the singing